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I remember as a small child watching a worker drill and split a stone he was using for curbing. He drilled the holes by hand turning the drill a little bit every time. Then he hit the stone and cleaned out the stone dust with a popsicle stick.

Twenty years later, after buying a house, I decided I needed a wall to level off the yard. For the next 1 and 1/2 years I rummaged for stone at Johnson's quarry in Rockport. It was there I met the owner (at that time) Carl Pearson. He gave me my first drills and a few well needed lessons. The completion of my own wall was the start of D&D masonry. Even though we do other types of masonry (brickwork, concrete slabs, concrete block work, and more), working with Rockport cut granite is my greatest satisfaction.

Three years ago we were contracted by Royal Design of New Hampshire to do all of the granite work for the new Granite savings bank in Rockport. We quarried the stone for that project (approximately 1500 sq. ft.) at two local quarries. As we began to stockpile the stone at the site, some of the local masons asked if we would provide them with the same quality stone for projects they intended to do. We supplied the stone they needed and they quickly recognized that with quality stone they were able to give the customer a higher quality product and still easily complete the project in the time they allowed. Our goal is to provide a quality Rockport granite that many people, and even some masons, don't realize is still available.

George (Terry) Dutton
Owner D&D Masonry